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As a leading manufacturer with global reach, Lippert serves a wide range of industries. Our primary business is outdoor adventure, including RVing, marine and trailers, but we go beyond that. With extensive manufacturing capabilities and a successful team, we proudly design and produce components for a wide range of customer bases.

Truck Accessories
Metal Fabrication

Lippert Components manufactures many products for RVs, from premium Quad Solid Steps to PSX1 high-speed power stabilizers to 12V Smart Arm Awning hardware kits.

These products are standard on some RVs and are also available in the aftermarket for RVs to upgrade their equipment. Lippert brand Thomas Payne and Solera manufacture products to enhance the RV experience, including indoor furniture and outdoor slides and screen rooms.

1.Lippert Components - 421484 Ground Control

Looking for an easy way to level your RV or trailer? Check out the Lippert Components Ground Control TT Leveling Touchpad! This replacement touchpad makes it easy to adjust your leveling system, so you can get on the road quickly and easily. Plus, it’s easy to use – just touch the screen to adjust settings. Keep your RV or trailer in tip-top shape with the Lippert Components Ground Control TT Leveling Touchpad!

This black touchpad is used for leveling systems. It is important to have a good button with a leveling button that will keep the vehicle level while it is moving. This part can also be used with the Ground Control TT Leveling Touchpad and other Lippert leveling systems.


Black Touchpad for various leveling systems.

Complete with auto-leveling feature button.

Replacement Part for Ground Control TT Leveling Touch Pad and other Lippert leveling systems.

2.Lippert Components 179014 LCI Universal Fit Landing Gear

The Lippert™ Power Landing Gear is standard on most fifth wheel RVs and travel trailers on the market today. This interchangeable front landing gear rear drop leg and snap pin is designed specifically for the Lippert power landing gear kit, allowing you to get back to camping and enjoy the power of your power landing gear in no time.

The kit includes landing gear front guide legs and snap pins that are easy to install with minimal assembly. Our replacement legs are designed for universal installation and durability with a powder-coated, black finish and rust-resistant surface that helps prevent damage to the landing gear from camping wear and tear. At Lippert™, we help take the guesswork out of replacing parts by offering universal replacement parts to get your rig up and running as usual.

Whether you’re on the road or on the water, Lippert offers a wide variety of quality RV, trailer and marine products designed to enhance all your recreational activities. Our team is committed to always looking out for your next journey – advancing the possibilities of our products and services, all with the goal of keeping you outdoors for years to come.


Requiring minimal assembly, this outrigger is easy to install so you can get back to camping in no time.

Made of heavy-duty steel construction, black powder-coated finish and rust-resistant surface – all designed to withstand the rigors of RV travel and camping.

3.Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer

It all starts with the power jack combined with all the great features of the other jacks. The Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack – 30′ Lift is a very powerful jack that raises and lowers the A-frame of a trailer quickly and easily. The Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack – 30′ Lift fits almost any A-frame coupler.

It is also the first jack ever to offer the user ball screw capability. This ball screw creates much less rolling friction than the sliding friction of most conventional jacks. With the help of rolling friction, the jack’s motor works less, while drawing less current and generating less heat. This product feature also helps to reduce noise throughout the process while increasing the overall life of the jack.


The advanced 20 mm ball screw provides superior lifting capacity while reducing friction, motor wear and current consumption.

The high-capacity ball nut has been rated for heavy-duty use, which also increases the jack’s capacity by 20%.

The adjustable drop leg increases the length of the jack by up to 6 in.

There is a storage bracket that protects the wire end of the trailer from the weather.

The jack’s switches are also weatherproof. These switches are manufactured with soft triggers and have backlit panels.

4.Lippert Components 379769

The Kwikee 379769 Electric Step Repair Kit is designed for the 28, 31, 37 and 39 series Kwikee Electric Steps. This kit includes everything except the step and step frame. Easy do-it-yourself replacements can save you money!


It helps to provide superior durability.

Fully tested for reliability.

5.Lippert Components - 2020106863 Tire LINC

Is your RV ready to hit the road? Lippert™’s Tire Linc® (TPMS) is an easy-to-install, always-on tire pressure and temperature monitoring system that ensures you’re ready to hit the road. Integrated with Lippert’s OneControl® app, you can monitor the tire pressure and temperature of your fifth-wheel RV, travel trailer, motorhome or tow vehicle directly from your smartphone – without cluttering up the rest of the dashboard interface.

Tire Linc® comes with four sensors that easily screw onto your existing tire valves. Two additional sets of extra sensors are sold separately. Installation is a breeze. Beginning in 2020, certain RV models will be ready for the Tire Linc system. For these models, simply place the repeater in the pre-installed docking station and start using it. For those campers who are not Tire Linc ready, the repeater dock will need to be connected to the RV’s 12V power system. The Tire Linc® Repeater enhances the sensor signal from your tires to ensure that your system effectively communicates tire pressure and temperature no matter where you are.

Make sure you know the status of your tires before you travel, on the road, and in any weather condition with a monitoring system from a manufacturer you trust.


The sensor updates pressure and temperature several times a minute while your RV is moving and checks every 15 minutes while parked.

Repeater technology “repeats” the signal sent by your sensors, but with greater intensity, so your smartphone always has the most up-to-date information.

Use Lippert™’s OneControl® app to manage your sensors, set tire pressure ranges, receive notifications and view alerts from your smartphone.

Tire Linc® tire sensors allow you to monitor up to 20 tires at a time with the Tire Linc system.

The sensors easily screw onto existing tire valves and the repeater plugs into a pre-installed base (select 2020 and later models only).

Buying Guide

Lippert was founded in 1956 by Larry Lippert. Lippert has grown to become a leading provider of custom product solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, RV, marine, and heavy-duty trucking.

With 52 facilities and more than 8,000 employees in the United States and Canada, Lippert offers a wide range of innovative products carefully designed to enhance customers’ lifestyles by providing uncompromising reliability.

As the largest supplier to the RV industry, Lippert offers a broad range of RV and motorhome products to meet customers’ everyday needs while on the road.

The range of Lippert products is amazing: slide out systems, windows and doors, furniture and mattresses, awnings and shade accessories, and many more products that have been manufactured and tested to perform even better. All of the company’s products are made from strong and durable materials that can withstand the most demanding travel conditions.

The RV and motorhome industry is evolving every day, so Lippert is always looking for products that will enhance the customer experience and satisfaction. That’s why the company strives to develop new designs using the latest technology. What makes Lippert products stand out in a competitive market is the streamlined design, unmatched quality and must-have features that make life on the road easier and more comfortable.

Committed to continuous growth and improvement, Lippert continues to deliver new top-of-the-line products to the OEM market and aftermarket. Stop by and see what we can offer.


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